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October 9, 2002 - Wednesday
Harry isn't watching his Thomas video anymore. These days it's Bob the Builder. I've taken to taping the show during the day and now have some five or six episodes that Harry's been watching almost daily for more than a week. I guess that's OK because he's certainly not mindlessly staring at it. The "Bob the Builder" theme song has replaced the A,B,C song as what he'll go around the house singing at the apparent top of his lungs, "builder" being pronounced somewhere between "buelder" and "buhlder." Even more heartening, coincidence or not, it seems like Harry has taken a renewed interest in books and the stories that are in them and has begun regularly "reading" himself stories, either from memory or making them up as he goes along. And, his make believe story making has increased. That all may have more to do with more activity at preschool, but each Bob the Builder show is a series of little story vignettes that last from one to ten or twelve minutes and it doesn't seem out of the question that seeing those littles stories is helping Harry's understanding of sequences and mini plots.

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