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October 11, 2002 - Friday
Last weekend while Harry was away, his mother and I were shopping and found a sleeping bag for him. We didn't buy it on the spot, but rather decided I would bring Harry back to buy it himself. In fact, I let Harry try it while we were in the store, not to see if it fit, but rather to get him excited about using it and going to the cabin. I was pretty sure that he'd think it was fun getting into, just as any child loves the "under" game. And, I was pretty sure that he would be excited about going to the cabin anyway. But, generating more excited hardly could hurt, especially since there will be four kids, Harry the oldest, sleeping together in a small wooden cabin for the weekend: Harry, Jeremy, and Nicole tonight, then cousin Chloe arriving tomorrow. And, sure enough, bedtime in the cabin was easy enough, although Nicole and others arrived after that.

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