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September 19, 2002 - Thursday
Maybe I'm a fool, or maybe I'm just sorry about yesterday, but I took the boys to another pond this afternoon. Really, I took them there because most of yesterday was so much fun and I figured that with a little extra planning I could eliminate the dangers. Interestingly, when I told Harry we were going to another pond and he said at first that he didn't want to stop. I can't help but think that was a lingering hesitation from yesterday's hysteria. Then, as we approached it and he could see want a big pond it was he offered that, "maybe we could get out," as if it was my decision and he'd go along with it. We did and here we could park very close to a spot Harry could throw rock and, thus, leave the damn stroller in the car. I also brought a blanket for Jeremy to sit on. Harry threw acorns into the pond and Jeremy threw them on the blanket. We took a little walk, on Harry's initiative, and the whole thing worked out great. Of course, with both Harry and I on our best behaviors, perhaps that's not so surprising.

Harry fell down the stairs last night at 3:30 in the morning. I think his mother and I both woke just before it happened from the increasingly common sound of his little feet stomping across the wood floor from his bedroom. I know I heard him take at least a few steps down the stairs, thinking there he goes again and looking at the clock. When we heard the thud, we both were out of bed instantly and I got halfway downs the starts before the crying started, although that may have been because the crying was more of surprise than pain. However many steps he had tumbled over, it didn't seem to affect him with more than shock. He was holding his stuffed dog and maybe that cushioned the fall, but he was fine. And, he conceded that maybe "that was too much wandering around," something his mother has tried to instill about his early morning jaunts.

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