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September 17, 2002 - Tuesday
I've become pretty confident that Jeremy is using words now, or at least making vocalizations that prove he understands the idea of words. Mama has been recognizing her call for a couple of weeks, but that could easily be just random syllables. However, I've been thinking I've noticed a difference between the "ma ma" he uses for her and the more "na na" or "um um" he uses at the table to denote desire ("yum, yum" or "mine mine," I'm not sure) for some specific food item he sees and wants. But the real indication of early language cognition happened at his baby-sitter's house. Jeremy's been saying "da da" a fair amount, perhaps for me, perhaps for "that," or perhaps for both as Harry did. But, his baby-sitter has been housing a sister's dog for a couple of weeks and when I carried Jeremy into the room where that dog was, Jeremy got all excited, saying "daw, daw." That's a distinctly different sound than "da" and he said it looking and smiling right at Yogi the dog.

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