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September 14, 2002 - Saturday
I fear we may have turned the corner with Harry on TV. For the last three of mornings including today Harry has asked me to turn on the TV at breakfast and I have done it. What's more, I've effectively introduced him to cartoons. They're PBS Kids cartoons, Arthur and Clifford, but Harry now knows they are there and I wouldn't be surprised if he keeps asking. And, as a parent with two small boys to feed breakfast and clean up, the distraction of the television is an easy advantage to take, especially when the threat of turning it off encourages Harry to eat his food. Actually, that's never really been much of a problem at breakfast, but this evening we used the TV to achieve the same at lunch and dinner.

Is it a nasty habit? I really don't know. For today anyway, we're taking the trade off of a good meal.

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