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September 8, 2002 - Sunday
Harry pinched Jeremy's finger in the top of his big truck. Jeremy screamed, his mother quickly yelled at Harry and picked up Jeremy. I didn't see Harry do, but I think he may have done it overtly to try to keep Jeremy from reaching inside, although likely without understanding of the eventual consequences. I got pretty mad at Harry, although I wasn't particularly mad really. I don't think Harry did it out of malice and Jeremy was going to be all right. But, it seemed like a time to let Harry know that he needed to be careful about with his brother. So, he sat on the sofa for a while while Jeremy cried, and then some more after Jeremy and mommy went upstairs so I could talk to him. I'm not entirely sure what of all I said he understood, but he was clearly concerned about what had happened. He had yelled "I'm sorry, Jeremy" when we were all in the kitchen tending to Jeremy's finger. And, he was obviously uncomfortable as I spoke to him about what had happened and I suppose that's to be expected. At the end of our discussion, with my saying a lot of things and trying to gauge (without much success) just how accidental the incident was, it felt like I had worn Harry out, if not myself.

Harry had moved off the sofa and was starting to play with toys when I called him back. He came almost right away, undoubtedly still worried about the after effects of what he had done. I grabbed him tightly and told him I loved him very much. He didn't say anything, but his whole body changed in disposition. A smile came to his face, although I'd guess he probably didn't really want me to see it, and it was clear that he was relieved. I picked him up and playfully flung him around the sofa just to make sure the mood was changed for good.

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