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September 10, 2002 - Tuesday
We gave both boys haircuts this evening. One boy was fascinated by it, for most of it anyway, and the other starting whining before it even started. The first was busy looking out the front screen door into the yard as I did the back of his head, then slowing turned his eyes to see what the scissors were doing as they moved around to the side. By the time that haircut was done, he was a little tired of being held in one place, but that had to happen as we got around his eyes and ears. Still, he never really put up any serious fight. The other boy, who's had more experience with haircuts I guess, did object to the point that I wondered whether it was worth doing at all. But, I did it anyway, risking greater alienation to future haircuts, on the grounds that his whining was not necessarily directly at the haircut specifically, but rather at anything that his current whim did not take as the highest priority for the moment.

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