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October 14, 2003 - Tuesday
Last night at dinner, at the end of dinner, Harry said the most amazing and mature thing: "I want to try something I've never had before." Maybe it's just me, but that's not something I'd expect to hear from a three-year-old and it's certainly not something I'd expect from Harry. I suppose to be realistic, it was about the point at dinner when Harry would usually expect to have something a little sweeter, like dried fruit pieces or an apple or something, but it is still a big step for him. I've been talking to Harry, and a little to Jeremy, about trying new things lately and we've kind of adopted a general tact that the boys need to at least try one piece of a new food on their plate. If they "don't like it, [they] don't have to eat anymore." I've reminded Harry that the first time I offered him chocolate he said "I don't like it" before trying it. Of course, he changed his mind pretty quickly. So, maybe it's with that background that Harry exhibited such trust, but that hardly mattered. I was clear that it was now up to me to give him something so he wouldn't regret the decision. It wasn't time for candy, but chocolate covered cranberries seemed like a good bet. And, they were.

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