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June 1, 2004 - Tuesday
Jeremy's nickname for Harry, "Yisch," is going away and I have to admit to being a little sad about it. I might have imagined it as a life-long nickname that only Jeremy would use with his brother. But, slowly, Jeremy's speech is getting a little better and "yisch" is gradually giving way to something like "aye-ie." "Aye-ie" is really not too far from the recognizable silent "H" pronunciation of "Harry," but also shows a discernible progression from "yisch," which we now believe effectively put a "Y" sound in front of "aye" and added something between a "s" and "sh" to the end.

Jeremy no longer calls me "dad'n" and soon Harry will just be "Harry." That's good, of course, because he's growing up. But, our younger son is growing up.

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