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June 5, 2004 - Saturday
This is Harry's clock. (His slightly pained expression here has nothing to do with the clock and everything to do with dad's annoying request for a posed picture.) We got this clock exactly a month ago and have been trying to teach Harry to tell time. That's going all right, but what's more important, and going very well, is teaching him where the hands need to be for him to do things like go to sleep at night and get up from his nap on the weekends.

"Nap" really means "quiet time" now, since he more often than not does not actually sleeps. But, that makes it all the more important that he stay in his room for longer than the few minutes it might usually take for him to become bored. We do think a little down time is healthy for him and us and it's part of the day at school, too, and there's no reason to disrupt the routine. Besides that, when don't want him to wake up his napping brother or his occasionally napping parents. Wonderfully, Harry has learned that he can play quietly in his room if he's not tired, but that he needs to stay in his room until 2:00 pm. And, it's gotten a lot easier at night to point to the clock and say how late it is. He seems to understand, in a general way at least.

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