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May 12, 2004 - Wednesday
For the last week or so Jeremy has been running to meet and hug me when I arrive to pick him up at Mary's house. I've been told he's done that to mommy a couple times on the odd occasions when she's picked him up. But, while he's often seemed happy to see me and never particularly unhappy, I've just been the routine and he's never really done that so overtly to me before (although I've done it to him).

It may be that I always used to have Harry with me, before the new routine, and that Harry would always immediately inject himself into whatever the situation too quickly. It may be that he's happy I'm there to pick him up and take him to Harry's new school where he will, for a short period of time, be able to play in a very large sandbox with construction toys or in the plastic playhouses. It may be that the last week has brought nice enough weather for him to be outside when I arrive and thus able to see me and run toward me from far away. But, it's been a very nice week.

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