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July 7, 2005 - Thursday
We spent the morning in the car and arrived in Pittsburgh a little after midday. It was an easy afternoon, with Grandpa John and me taking the boys to a playground they'd been to once before while their mother and Grandma Judy picked up some supplies. This spinning thing (photo: Grandpa John) was the big thrill for the day (Do these things have a name? I used to love these go-round things, but found today that something in my physiology has changed so that they aren't nearly as fun). Harry loved it and played for quite a while with some other kids. Jeremy eventually got on, too, and was having fun until he fell off and scraped his nose. It was because another mother was trying to give the kids a thrill, but I can't fault her. After it happened I told her right away that I'd been standing there for about five minutes about to do the same thing to give the kids a little thrill from a faster spin. And heck, these aren't bad lessons and Jeremy wasn't badly hurt. Eventually, after playing on some other apparatus for a while I coaxed Jeremy back on (and gave the mother the thumbs up from across the playground: she was still watching Jeremy and worrying I'm sure).

The rest the day the boys just played out on the porch at their grandparents house, got dirty feet, and swung on the two hammock/swings that were there for their grandparents.

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