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August 5, 2001 - Sunday
We went to the beach twice today, although it was overcast both in the morning and afternoon. Of course, that's little deterrent for a toddler. Harry had his new beach toys and buckets and the sand and that's more than enough excitement. But, unlike yesterday in the cold afternoon and with the newest of the ocean in front of him, Harry quickly came around to the cold ocean water and he and I stood facing the waves like this for several minutes.

It's only a little too bad that Harry can't romp around freely in the water as he'd wish. I did actually give him a brief moment to test his sea legs, but the waves and the undertow would have knocked him over in seconds. So, we held hands as we stood in the shallow water with waves coming over our legs and splashing up his chest. Harry's lips turned blue quickly in the cold ocean water, then his body shivered, but he wasn't deterred and stood there challenging the ocean like this with calls of "more, more" waves.

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