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August 7, 2001 - Tuesday
These are Harry's cousins, second cousins actually, and it's taken a couple of days for Harry to get comfortable playing with them, but today he joined them in this little pool. Technically, he's really probably still playing "beside" them rather than "with," but he does know who they are. Since Saturday when we first saw them, Harry has been talking about Buddy and Maggie whenever they're not around. His toddler shyness comes out when they are and he's been a little leery before today about getting too trusting.

Then, this afternoon while we were at their cottage, Harry and Maggie started running around the house together. I suppose it's not clear that Harry was altogether aware that Maggie was part of his game, since she was usually behind him, but the two of them would run around the first floor and re-enter the living room where we were sitting from different doorways. We'd all act very surprised and both kids got a big kick out of it. A little later there was another important indication of Harry's growing awareness in the ways of other kids. He wasn't actually playing with Maggie and Buddy. They were horsing around on the couch with their Uncle Dave, him grabbing them with his legs or lifting them up and turning them upside-down. Harry watched for a little while, then came over to me, climbed up on my sofa, and started doing much the same activities. So, we bounced, turned, went upside-down just like the other kids.

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