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August 6, 2001 - Monday
Back to the beach...Harry already understands the words beach and ocean and is, not surprisingly, ready to go at the very mention and at any time. Somewhat amazingly, however, he hasn't put up that much of an objection when we try to leave the beach. Sure, there's a little bit of a disagreement when we suggest the idea of leaving, but this afternoon as we were leaving he even said a very agreeable, "all done, ocean, bye-bye, ocean."

On the way to the beach there are many houses patriotically displaying American flags and Harry is quick to point just about every one of them out. He's done that before, but since there are so many in a row in places, I've used the opportunity to teach Harry more about numbers and counting. Somewhere along the way Harry picked up an equally impressive concept of "many" flags. I'm pretty sure I didn't say it first - I was busy counting flags - but after four flags in quick succession, Harry summed it up with "many flags."

There are also a few fire hydrates along the way, some of which bear the yellow "H" marker in the road beside them (should the hydrants get snowed under in winter). Yesterday as we walked, Harry first noticed one and called it an "I": not a terrible mistake since we were looking at it from the side. But, I moved him to the front and told him it was an "H," H for Harry and today as we walked he started pointing them out to me.

One other thing that I'd never seen before, though his mother says she has, is Harry's ability to walk on tippy toes. I guess she's probably talked to him about it before as well because he's already talking about tippy toes.

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