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December 4, 2001 - Tuesday
Yesterday Jeremy was one month old and today at his one-month check-up, the doctor weighed him in at a remarkable 12 lbs, 13 oz. That's more than three pounds over his birth weight and almost a half pound more than Harry weighed at 7 weeks. The doctor jokingly asked, "so the breast feeding is going OK?"

I actually did not go to this doctors appointment due to logistical considerations: picking up Harry from daycare and other errands his mother and I needed to do. Even though I rarely missed one of Harry's doctors appointments, this seemed like the logical thing to do and I don't think I missed much. I guess on the surface it feels like I'm slightly Jeremy a bit, but I think it's more the of reality of two kids. The much more important thing is that as we adjust to life with two kids I'm starting to get a few more moments myself with Jeremy and I'm starting to fall for him just as I did with Harry.

I've heard it said many times that parents expecting a second child often worry that they won't love the second as much as the first and, for me, it was easy to understand. Harry has become such an integral part of our lives and his personality has blossomed so beautifully that effectively going back to the beginning again had diminished appeal. I've never particularly been a baby person and I've often thought that I found Harry so fascinating because of its novelty to me. I'd never been a father before and never watched a baby grow. As a second child, Jeremy would seemingly not hold that same fascination. Yet, as I've started to spend time with him, as I've slowed down again from Harry current pace and started to remember the things that worked well between me and baby Harry, Jeremy has started to capture my heart and mind just as Harry did. It's an adjustment, a mind shift, going from one child to the other, but as Jeremy starts to smile, laugh, and coo in response to my coos, it's easy to be drawn into his world and for me to want to draw him into mine.

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