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December 5, 2002 - Thursday
In addition to the blanket, I offered Harry's teacher that I could bring in a DVD player and projector and show a video of the solar system on the classroom ceiling. There was a five minute segment on the nine planets, which I showed twice, a seven minute segment on the sun, of which I figured two minutes would do, and a two minute segment on the telescopes that got the pictures. I figured at least the novelty would get the kids attention and it worked pretty well, save a couple of kids that started to fool around about half way through. But, that was to be expected.

What I did not expect was how excited and proud Harry would be when I got there. I suppose it's stupid of me really: I expected Harry would be proud of bringing in his blanket, but somehow it didn't occur to me that he would be so proud about bringing in his dad. Sure, I figured he'd be happy about it, but it was today that he seemed to feel like a hero, not Tuesday with the blanket. In hindsight, it's pretty obvious.

When I arrived, the teacher had obviously been prepping the kids that I was coming and that I might need some "space" to get set up and that they were to sit at the table and finish their snacks while I did so. But, as soon as he saw me Harry leapt from the table, ran to the door with a big smile, and hugged my legged beneath the equipment I was carrying. It was the best best reception I'd gotten since daycare pickups at 9 months of age. All the kids lay down on pillows looking up at the planets and stars. Harry laid on my legs. I guess I was a hero and that, more than the blanket, made Harry a hero for the day.

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