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December 6, 2002 - Friday
Harry got hit the face with a shovel at school today and it caused a small puncture and a small but visible cut above his right eye. The teacher did not witness the incident as it happened, but from talking to Harry and trying not to lead the conversation, I surmise that Harry was using the shovel, or perhaps had used it then put it aside for safe and private keeping, when another boy decided he wanted to use it. Either this other boy grabbed it or, more likely as best I can tell, found it and Harry deciding he wasn't done with it, but there was a tussle and the bigger boy swung the shovel and hit Harry in the head.

Shock value aside, there was no serious injury and no physical damage that won't heal within days. Yet, clearly Harry was troubled by the incident. I can say he was pensive all afternoon and maybe there'd be some truth to it beyond the norm. I can say that he wasn't in a very positive mood before bedtime, and maybe that would have something to do with the shovel incident, although it'd be far from the first time he didn't seem to want to go to bed. But somehow things seemed a little different and when I asked him if he was sad he said "yes."
"Why are you sad?" thinking I probably knew the answer.
"Connor hit me with a shovel."

I told him that it was a very, very bad thing for another boy to do and that it wasn't Harry's fault. I heaped as much praise on him as I could think, telling him how much every one I talked to at school seemed to like him. I asked him if maybe there was something he did that contributed to the situation as to show cause, rather than pure malice from the other boy, but quickly got away from any justification of the affront. I think it helped Harry a little to hear all those things, but it's got to be so hard for a little boy. He's going to go through these things and they will breed self-doubt, fear, and other social issues. It is inevitable and it will be hard. I hope I can help.

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