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July 18, 2002 - Thursday
I haven't written about Jeremy's infancy as much as I did about Harry's. It's not surprising really, but it is too bad. But then, much of what I wrote about Harry had to do with my own discovery of what a baby learns to do as much as the unique things that Harry did. And, not surprisingly, Jeremy has done many of the same things. He's made many of the same happy sounds, he's very good ath making the pig face, his early crawling has quickly progressed and he's started to climb on me, he has started to walk on all fours, he's started climbing to a standing position, and (as shown left) his taken an immediate interest in corn.

But, there are things that have been different with Jeremy. For example, Jeremy never, at least not yet, experiemented with the whining nasal sound, he never liked baby food as much, but does better with other food, and I don't remember Harry being as fascinated with the sound of his own voice echoed inside of almost any kind of container. In the picture to the right, he's not chewing this tennis ball cylinder (although that will happen, too), nor drinking from it, but rather hooting into. It, and hooting into just about anything that makes his voice sound different, seems to make him happy.

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