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May 14, 2002 - Tuesday
Jeremy had his slightly belated "six-month checkup" today and weighed in at a remarkable 20 lb., 3 oz.. and 28 inches tall. Harry barely weighed that at a year and we almost needed to wait to turn his car seat around to face forward (the rule is one year old AND 20 lb.). Jeremy, on the other hand, is likely to outgrow is backward facing car seat too soon.

Jeremy had three shots today at the doctor as part of the never-ending series of standard immunizations that children get these days. Amazingly, Jeremy barely reacted to the first, with just a hint of his father's furrowed brow toward the nurse. The second and third shots did get his attention, but the crying was remarkably short-lived and Jeremy had easily returned to his typical calm demeanor within one minute. Maybe he's just going to grow up to be a tough guy and not show the pain, but right now seems that he's just a remarkably contented baby - well, except for not eating his dinner. But, then, maybe he's just content with milk..

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