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May 18, 2002 - Saturday
Jeremy can finally roll all the way over and back. He's about a month behind Harry on this one, I attribute that to the extra volume he must move, but today he rolled over and back at least twice. His method seems to be to lift his head way up, push up with his arms so his chest is off the ground, and then let gravity work for him.

Jeremy also loves to play peek-a-boo - and what baby doesn't? - and seems to have learned to start the game himself and I don't remember that about Harry. I think I have noticed on several occasions Jeremy pulling a cloth, usually a handy burp cloth, over his in an effort to get his mother or me to play with him. It could be circumstantial, of course, but it has happened enough now that I don't think so. As soon as he gets the cloth over his eyes he'll start to kick his legs and waves his arms, not flailing in an effort to extract himself from the predicament, but with that quivering sense of baby anticipation. And, he'll start laughing: not with the laugh that will come when he actually gets a partner to join the game, but the excited laugh that sounds like he's about to laugh more in a minute.

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