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May 19, 2002 - Sunday
Harry's mother invited some of her friends over today for what the group refers to as "project day," a contemporary, I suppose, of erstwhile sewing circles. However, it was Harry who was the real beneficiary today. One of attendees, Harry's Aunt Amy (actually the wife of my cousin and, thus, no direct relation to Harry) came bearing gifts. On the right is a perfect size table/desk and chair, which Amy apparently found at a swap fare of some kind. Harry immediately recognized it as specially tailored to his body proportions.

On the left, is project that Amy has been working on for Harry almost since he was born and it is truly inspiring piece of work in any number of ways (see a larger picture). For Harry, the rocket ship soaring above Earth and Mars and the UFO flying amidst Pluto and Neptune are the most thought-provoking items, but he has already started to learn and remember the names the planets and the sun. Curiously, while the blanket was spread out on the floor, Harry instinctively took to standing directly on the round blue and green material connoting Earth, although that may simply have been the soft texture of that particular fabric. For a while now Harry's mother and I have been talking about removing the floral wallpaper in Harry's room in favor of something a little more masculine, but without a firm idea of direction. We now have a firm decorative foundation.

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