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November 4, 2002 - Monday
I put this artwork up before Jeremy's party yesterday, but it really wasn't for the party specifically and I can see it staying for a while. It's all works done by Harry that were regrettably sitting out of sight in a pile.

Now, I know this is a child's artwork and that nothing here overtly boasts of Harry's natural design instincts, but there are some pieces here that I really enjoy and walking by this wall makes me happy. Those vertical blue lines in the bottom middle are Harry's self-described "elephant"and the strong blue, green, yellow, and red brush strokes above it and to the left are "Slithering Snakes." Most are titleless works and many work with glue (a favorite of Harry's), including a collage (directly below the orange-red background) experiment from preschool in the style of children's author, Eric Carle. Several use glitter glue, including the one past and slightly up from the Slithering Snakes that I (and Harry) particularly like. And, many are very generic toddler scribbles. Yet, as a group it strikes me that, like so much of what Harry does when he focuses on something, there is a lot less randomness and a little more thoughtfulness than one might expect.


Without a doubt, having two small children has a far greater impact mentally, emotionally, and probably physically as to where I am in life than turning 40 does.

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