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November 6, 2002 - Wednesday
Monday night the boys' mother and I went to a concert and left Jeremy and Harry with Jeremy's daytime baby-sitter. And, since we were not likely to get back home until about 11pm, she offered that we just leave them there overnight, calling on the way home to make sure that everything was all right. It all seemed to go fairly smoothly, save Jeremy's somewhat predictable waking in the later evening.

Yesterday morning I picked up the boys and brought them home for breakfast and proceeded with the normal routine of driving Harry to preschool and Jeremy back to his baby-sitter's. And, it all went fairly smoothly, too, although when I dropped Jeremy off again he gave me a look that suggested he wasn't very pleased to be left again so quickly. He usually waves good-bye with a proud grin and I wave back, but not today. I half-jokingly told him to not be mad at me and left without too much more of a thought about it. After all, you can say what's really going on in a baby's head.

Then, last night, Jeremy had a bit of a tough night, waking up both in the evening several times, then again at about 4:00am. That last time his mother fed him, but contrary to the usual, he did not go back to sleep. Because of a difficult episode a week or so ago when Jeremy didn't go back to sleep for more than an hour, I decided to stay with him and rub him back to sleep so we'd all get so rest. It took a little while, but it worked.

Then, his mother tells me, when she went in first thing in the morning to get him he was sitting up in the crib, but did not greet her with his typical enthusiasm. Indeed, she reached into the crib to pick him up and he pushed her hands away like an unwanted apple. She said she had to play peek-a-boo to get him to welcome her approach.

Was this boy upset with us? Was he mad about being left with Mary for a whole night? Was his waking up so many times from a nervousness about being abandoned again? It's impossible to say for certain, but it sure seemed like he was holding a grudge.

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