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November 8, 2002 - Friday
We were driving in the car after preschool on the way to pick up Jeremy when "Don't Know Why," by Nora Jones, came on the radio.

"It's the song from mommy's car," Harry says in an excited voice. I think to myself "Harry hasn't been in "mommy's car" recently, and certainly not with the radio on, except for when he and I went to the dump together about three weeks ago.'
"What do you mean 'from mommy's car?'" I ask. "Did you hear this in mommy's car?," I add still processing the possibilities of how Harry might know the song and why he might recognize it so specifically.
"Yeah, it's the 'I didn't call' song," Harry answers, the actual lyric being "I didn't come," but I understand.
"Did we hear this on the way to the dump," I ask, my forty-year-old brain apparently just catching up to Harry's sponge-like mind.
"Yeah," answers Harry, "it's the 'I didn't call' song," and he's convincing me that we did hear it on that trip to the dump. I remember we were listening to Car Talk at first, but he's convinced me that he "wanted a song" and that I switched the channel and we eventually heard that song on the radio three weeks ago on the way to the dump in mommy's car.

Here's the thing: I don't really know why Harry remembered that song. It might have been that it is a somewhat unique song in style and therefore made an impression of some kind. It may be that at a month less than three-years-old, Harry's agile young brain can remember anything and everything it wants. But, that little ride to the dump is a nice memory for me - looking over and seeing Harry there next to me in the front seat, he looking back at me, asking questions, talking about the road and the things he could see out the big windshield in front of him - and I'm just going to imagine that it was memorable for him, too, and that is why he remembered the song.

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