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November 5, 2002 - Tuesday
This past Sunday evening I sang, by request, the "Itsy, Bitsy Spider" song for Harry at bedtime. When it was over Harry asked for "one more song." I'd planned to sing another and asked what "one more song" he wanted to hear. He did not have an immediate request.

"How about the Golden Slumber song?" I asked, thinking 'he always likes that one.'

"No," he answered, adding "that song is too far away," in a contemplative way.

"Stylistically?" I asked with an amused smile after a moment to ponder what he could possibly have meant by that and ultimately simply finding humor in the juxtaposition of two-year-old's musical understanding and the potentially jarring segue between the" Itsy, Bitsy Spider" and "Golden Slumbers," or really any two songs.

"Yeah," he said thoughtfully, catching me just a little off guard. I think for another moment about a song while the apparent coincidence of my stylistic musings and whatever Harry might have been thinking fades away.

"How about the Only You song?"
"I don't know that song."
"Sure you do," I said and started to sing it: "Only you, can make this world seem right..."
"Dad," Harry interrupted, clearly recognizing the song, "dad.."
I stopped singing, expecting another wild, bedtime delaying comment.
"That song is closer."
""Should I sing it?" I asked, again befuddled by this two-year-old's distance idea.

Harry explored the distance thing tonight with songs, this time between the Great Big Rolling Railroad and the [Changing Garden of] Mr. Bell song. He preferred the relative closeness of the Gorilla song and I, though prodding a little, failed to gain much insight into how this boy was leveraging the words he knows.

At his one-year check-up, Jeremy weighed in at 22 lbs, 13 oz and was measured at 29 1/2 inches tall.

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