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November 24, 2005 - Thursday
I've often thought as I've sat down to write something about a special day like Thanksgiving that there ought to be some big story to tell about what we did as a family, but that's not usually how it works. Just as when I was a kid, these are days when we go somewhere as a family (or people come to us) and the kids go off and play with cousins while the adults (I'm one of them now) hang out amongst themselves. And aside from the logistics of making sure the kids actually eat something, and particularly something reasonably healthy, we just don't see them all that much. Indeed, that's very much the way it was today at Aunt Sue and Uncle Chris's house. We pretty much planned on it this year and brought several toys and movies for the kids to play with. Here (right) is Jeremy playing with his fabulous birthday present computer while Chloe draws with her colored pencils.

Of course, there were a few moments when the kids were with us. Here's Harry eating some of the cheese and nut snacks that are a regular part of the day, while actually talking with the adults for a brief period. I think Jeremy was already in picker-eater mode by this point.

Check out this fabulous picture of Jeremy and this intriguing one of Harry, both by Uncle Tom (the professional photographer). When he sent these to me I first figured he just had a much better camera, that capture more depth of field or something. But he said it had more to do with having the flash pointing up at the ceiling rather than at Jeremy's and Harry's face. It's something that he's been thinking about for a while, saying he's always hated the "flash bulb" look. I immediate re-shot the pictures of Jeremy's wreath with a mirror deflecting my flash toward the ceiling and the pictures were immediately improved.

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