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February 21, 2006 - Tuesday
Breaking ice is something that's pretty hard to resist, for little boys like Harry and Jeremy at least and probably little girls, big boys, and big girls, too. That's especially true of crunchy, dry ice that often appears in little divits in driveways or along uneven roads. There was a lot of that it today, too, in our stream now that the water level has gone down a little since the initial freeze, leaving pockets of air between the water and the ice. And with the boys home for winter vacation going outside and banging on the ice didn't seem like a bad idea. It would let them quench a little of that boyhood instinct to bang and break stuff, without really harming anything, so long as they were careful and didn't fall in the cold water. Harry banged with sticks and boots and Jeremy banged with boots and hands. You can also see Harry, top right, throwing a big piece of ice that he'd broekn off and having it crash on top of the harder ice, shattering into pieces. This could go on for a long time, until either all the ice was broken or one of them put a foot or hand into the stream to deeply. Or, as was partly the case today, until one their parents got to cold to watch them around the stream any more.

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