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March 5, 2006 - Sunday
I took Jeremy to a faculty recital at Indian Hill this afternoon that featured his cello teacher, Tim, as the cellist in a chamber group with two violins and a piano. Jeremy did great a year ago when I took him to his first cello recital and this was even better. We sat in the audience for most of the first half and he was very calm and still. Then, because Tim wasn't playing in the last piece of the first half, we slipped up to the balcony to watch. Jeremy remembered going up there for the concert last year and wanted to do it again and I didn't think we should push it too much in the main audience. Being upstairs in the empty balcony meant Jeremy to stand lean against the railing while allowing the lower part of his body to dance around and get the proverbial ants out of his pants.

It's a hard thing for little kids to sit still and I think Jeremy did very well while we were downstairs. I remember learning the same thing as a kid, although with me it was mostly through going to church with my parents. I remember, too, just how hard it was to sit still for any length of time, whether that was at church or at the dinner table. Harry and Jeremy, and probably all kids, are pretty much the same.

We stayed up in the balcony for the whole second half: Jeremy did not want to leave. And he quietly danced around up there, while still looking over the railing. The most charming part, though, was half way through we Tim had a solo in the slow movement of a piano trio. Jeremy stopped the fidgeting and sat in my lap and seemed to be, for a couple of minutes, mesmerized by Tim's playing.

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