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August 29, 2002 - Thursday
Harry's mother's birthday came early this year and I had a feeling it might. Her birthday is actually Monday, but I took the boys with me to find her gift today. It did occur to me that Harry might not be able to keep a secret, that was what happened with my Father's Day present in June, and so I thought maybe I'd downplay the fact that we were buying mommy a present. I did not downplay it enough, though, and actually ended up soliciting Harry's advice on which of two bags to buy. As we got in the car and headed for home I debated with myself about explaining to Harry that presents are often surprises and that we shouldn't tell mommy about it yet, but at the time I rationalized that it would just heighten the intrigue of the whole episode and keep him thinking about it. I thought maybe he'd forget.

We got home and mommy was already home from work. I tried to hide the bag on the far side of the car as she came into the garage to greet us, but it was not use. As soon as she opened Harry's door it was "Mommy, I bought you a bag," loudly and with the enthusiasm of a two-year old.

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