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December 25, 2005 - Sunday
After months of being infatuated with the Star Wars movies, Harry and Jeremy knew just what they wanted this year for Christmas and so did we. They'd already each received a couple of lego starships for birthday presents and at other times through the year, with which they have played with and enjoyed a great deal. But those tend to be a little less stable and, particularly for Jeremy, tend to break apart if they do too much with them. This time we went with the solid plastic ones that didn't need to be put together. Jeremy got the Buzz Droid ship and Harry got the General Grevious Wheel, the same toy that he had given Ben for his birthday a month ago. Both were thrilled with their presents.

The biggest success of the morning was the final present, hidden behind the tree as far as possible. I don't think there's much I need to add to this picture (right) of the boys open the last box and finding the Millenium Falcon. It's really about as good as it gets for these boys (and their parents) on Christmas. That kind of excitement is truly contagious. They got many other toys that they will play with quite regularly, I'm sure, but in terms of immediate gratification nothing could top the Millenium Falcon.

Since Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, we had to have a pancake breakfast. After all, for Jeremy pancakes is the best meal, if not time, of the week. I don't now if that makes this a super special Christmas for hime or not, but he certainly had an ideal morning. Naturally, with Grandpa John and Grandma Judy visiting for the holiday, we probably would have had a special breakfast of some kind anyway, but being Sunday there would be no denying Jeremy his pancakes.

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