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September 2, 2002 - Monday
"It's a lot of work." You hear it a lot when people are talking about raising children, particularly when it's more than one at a time. Funny, but I never really thought about daily living, whatever it really entailed, as "work" before I had kids. But, I certainly get it now. We all spent the day today at an annual extended family party and the boys' mother and I each spent most of the time watching and running after two boys. We did get a few moments when grandma, aunt, or cousin watched one or both for a time, but mostly we were parents, on the job all day.

For whatever reason, Harry has been asking to watch the "Thomas" video all weekend and that's not happened before. He watched it first in March, but really hasn't been interested until now, perhaps because it was a little scary for him. But, all of a sudden, he wants it all the time and we've obligued, thinking we should just let it runs its course since Harry's not usually interested in TV. He still looks quite concerned about the crashes in the video, often standing up and walking to a corner of the room or behind some stationary object like the piano bench during the scariest parts, but watching nonetheless. And, while we've avoided television and videos for most of Harry's life, this weekend with Harry being so wonderfully occupied, it's easy to see why parents turn to videos so regularly as a method of virtual baby-sitting. It can indeed be a refreshing break from work.

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