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September 5, 2002 - Thursday
Harry's been talking about monsters these last few nights and I'm starting to think that he's starting to get a little scared about things that might come and go bump in the night. I can only imagine that he learned about monsters from some other child or some story at school, as I can't recall any monsters in books that we've had save a surprisingly odd Maurice Sendak story with goblins that we got from the library last spring. But, no matter, whatever has garnered his attention is real enough to him that he's been asking both his mother and I at bedtime if there are any monsters here. It had seemed like an innocent, or possibly inquisitive, question until tonight when he told me I could close his door a little. That challenges a near phobia he has had since the days when he could not open the door from inside by himself. What's more, after I closed the door "a little bit," about two-thirds of the way, and left to come downstairs, Harry got out of bed and shut it the rest of the way. Mommy's been telling Harry when he asks that there are no monsters only friends, pointing to teddy and piggy and the other bed "friends." I've been saying that we moved to this "good house" so that monsters, if there were any, couldn't get it just to make sure. Both seem to help, but only to a degree. Harry's mind is at work and he'll probably need to work it through himself.

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