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September 3, 2002 - Tuesday
Last night Harry was up at 3:30am. He wasn't sick or crying, just up and moving around. He did something similar Monday night, coming into our room at some early hour, only to be sent back to bed, then a little later stealthily making his way into our bathroom to play with the shampoo bottles. Since we didn't seem to like that either, last night he crept into his bathroom and had given his teddy bear eye medicine before I eventually got up to see why he was making so much noise. I had thought he would be in his bedroom, but I went searching when I got there and his bed was empty.

And we were just starting to talk about how we would wean Jeremy from getting up during the night and how we could let him tough it out (as every parent seem to have to do with every child) without it waking Harry and creating a truly awkward situation.

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