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September 6, 2002 - Friday
"I want to glitter."
"It's still in the car Harry"
"I want to go outside in the garage."
I'm holding Jeremy and we just got home from shopping for craft supplies. Jeremy is a little anxious and things need to settle down. "No, Harry, not right now."
"I will get it," he says opening the door that leads to the cellar and the garage.
"No, Harry, not right now," I say a little louder from the other end of the back hall, still holding Jeremy in my arms.
"Why, dad? I want to go get it."
"Because, Harry..." I say with words that drop off as I try to think how to explain that we can't go right now because I have to attend to other things. Jeremy needs a drink and I can't let Harry go by himself, nor could I supervise the glitter painting once it started.
"Why, dad?"
"Because, Harry..." I say again, getting more frustrated with the situation because there is no easy explanation for a two-year old and because Harry is not listening to me or doing what I tell him. I'm starting to get annoyed.
"Why, dad?
"Because..." I say still struggling to find an explanation, then just, "Because." I rationalize that we need to teach Harry to listen and do as he's told.
"Because is not an answer," says Harry not being sassy, I don't think, and closing the door and walking down the hall past me in resignation.
I laugh out loud. I've been saying that to Harry for a long time. He is, indeed, listening and, in a manner, doing just what we've been telling him. "Harry, you're absolutely right," I say, stopping him as he goes by and into the kitchen. "I shouldn't have said that. I was wrong to say that." I tried to explain more about his baby brother , but I think it's hollow. And I am thinking what I good boy Harry is after all.

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